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  Learning innovation

  Knowledge is the wisdom of the torch, is the source of enterprise innovation and development. On the road of commitment to clean and efficient development, Tianren people always believe that knowledge and innovation is the fundamental enterprise development, is to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises is the key. We encourage full study, to learn to promote innovation, innovation and development, learning more than innovation.

  Corporate Responsibility

  Responsibility is a commitment to pay is to share, it is a duty

  Day for people to create clean and efficient new energy for the mission to become a world-class new energy companies for the development goals, and customers, employees, shareholders, the community side by side, to share and win together. Help poor and poor, donated to help students, earthquake relief, days benefactor sincere treatment, intentions, the truth to pay. Tianren who is also a heavy responsibility, determined to build a harmonious society dedicated

  Exchange and cooperation

  Brainstorming, and constantly give the energy of innovation. Days benefactor has been with the experts at home and abroad to maintain a close contact, to carry out Taiwan for the exchange and strive to renewable energy in the field of expertise to do more refined, stronger

  Heaven home

  Tian En is the work of the staff home, but also the lives of employees home。

  In the days of grace, the staff life and work both, happy life, hard work, days benefactor portrait of a life and work to create a harmonious and win-win home culture. In life for innovation, in the work of excellence. Days benefactor eager to learn, the courage to innovate, days benefactor solidarity, love life

  It is based on this concept, the day benefactor in the creation of clean and efficient new energy, innovation and development in the journey, to create a new miracle

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