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Kaifeng Wenzheng Automobile Trading Co., Ltd

  Congratulations to grace technology companies and kaifeng is QiMao co., LTD. Signed a $200 million new energy vehicles supply contract and the depth of cooperation with its veterans network

Good news! Good news!

  As early as at the beginning of the company was founded, through the government plays, in fact, the two sides on the basis of good faith cooperation, to seek a win-win situation for the purpose, together hand in hand, has established good relationship argues, explore a kind of close relationship between the government, Banks and enterprises effective pattern, set up the bridge of the Banks and enterprises.

Electric buses

  [policy] henan: energy saving and new energy bus operating subsidy measures for the management of special funds? Pure electric highest fill 80000 yuan each year   The electric car resources net news:

Zhengzhou city issued according to the new energy vehicles subsidies 1-0. 6

  Recently, the electric car resources network reporter learns from zhengzhou city government network, zhengzhou zhengzhou encourage new energy automobile application several policies detailed rules for the implementation of the notice, for consumers to purchase new energy vehicles (not including the bus), municipal finance according to the central financial subsidies standards while the proportion of 6 give subsidies, provinces, cities and two levels of fiscal subsidies less than the sum of the central financial subsidies standards, and not more than after deducting the central fiscal subsidy 60% of vehicle sales price... The following is the original policy:

Silver long product presentation

  On February 21st, zhuhai silver long new energy co., LTD., sales director of central south jin to day held seminars, and the sun, general manager of the luo river traffic commissioner, grace will and grace of a part of the staff.

Warmly celebrate the water garden project grid success!

  Through the efforts of the company staff hard to pay, my company in the clear water garden project was finally completed, interconnection and success! You were laborious! Let's share the joy of success!

Distributed generation in spring!

  In the case of fossil fuel is decreasing, solar energy has become an important part of the human energy use, and develop continuously. The use of solar energy have solar-thermal conversion and photoelectric conversion in two ways, solar power is a new kind of renewable energy.
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